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A little home for my Sims 3 game. May include aliens, dogs, and overuse of sunsets. x
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Astrid Hofferson

I adored the first film when it came out and now love the second as well! Astrid is cool beans. I can’t seem to get her quite right but I hope she’ll do for now :)

All CC is listed below; if you want all of it then install her sims3pack, otherwise pick and choose with the .sim file.

Genetics + Makeup


*I have used patterns from Simlicious’ Knitted Pattern Set (not included)

I use MasterController to disable clothing filters. The everyday outfit uses a nude top which can be accessed via MC or the unlockoutfits cheat.

Sliders: I have included the sliders used for ease and to ensure she looks as shown. All credit goes to creators. <3

Download .sim

Download sims3pack

Download sliders

Any questions or issues, please let me know! 

Anonymous ━

Can you do a little tutorial on how to get your sims to have big eyes like yours? When I try the just look creepy

Sure! x

Starting Hiccup

Ohgodohgod he looks like a slug.

Bah, I’m sure these are overexposed or saturated or something. They look awful on this screen but ok-ish on my phone. >.> Shoddy uploads for the next little while!

Anonymous ━


All the veggies.

Anonymous ━

Hey, could you possibly include the sliders etc on the download file on your dogs. It's very hard to keep up with what sliders etc I already have and some sliders are not available anymore. Love the doggies though!

Hello! My resource page has all the sliders that I use in my game. So if you know that you’ve downloaded all of those, you don’t need to even look at the slider links on the download posts. Also, which ones aren’t available for you? I’ve just had a look and they all seem to be working for me. xx

Anonymous ━

can you do a tutorial on how to make the backgrounds, or just the picture overall? Im talking about your Icon/avi thing like the gradient and the shadows

Sure thing! xx

what’s later than late replies?

reeeaaally late replies. but we have a new router so i have internet again. off to reply to msgs and catch up with you all! xx

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Morgana Banana made a s3ccwish for someone to remove the leaves and teeth from this Sims Medieval conversion (here). I thought it would be super easy and quick, but holy wow I forgot that those TSM clothing packages come with a crap ton of meshes in them! Eighty plus individual files later, I’m finally finished with it though. =D

To morganabananasims, I hope you don’t mind that I went ahead and tackled this. If you would like anything else changed or tweaked, I’d be happy to take a look. =) I did not make any other alterations to the mesh besides removing the leaves, but the original did have some small, but noticeable imperfections. However, if you’ve used other TSM conversions before, it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

I created an entirely new package (so you can have cocomama’s original and my alterations in game at the same time), and it comes with all the morphs (including the pregnancy morph) and properly reduced and edited LODs. You probably already know this, but you’ll need to put your sim in bare feet when she wears this in order to minimize overlap on the UV map. Hair and accessories don’t matter though, so no worries there.

Download it HERE.

I hope you like it! <3 Again, please let me know if you want something changed on it. (Those buttons on the belt… I swear they looked way cuter in photoshop than they do in game. XD But I can go back in and edit them out if they bother you. =D)

Yaaaay you’re amazing! Thank you!!

Beep boop. Getting there.

Anonymous ━

are you going to get back to colour drained soon? i love that story !

:D Thank you! I want to wait until I have a new computer I’m afraid. The tv I’m using as a monitor displays colours and brightness really weirdly. I don’t really know how my screenshots are turning out and I’m happy to use it for wip pics etc, but in the legacies there’s so many pictures that I’d be worried they’re all turning out super saturated or exposed or something.

If that makes sense! Hopefully have new computer in a month or so. xxx

Thank you for 3000 followers :) I laaave you very muchly

And one day I will make a followers’ gift for you


I needed to use up some of today’s harvest so made some salads. Quinoa and roast veggies, and barley & lettuce. I cooked lentils too but they turned out a bit weird.

The veggie gardens are in happy growing mode atm! Only 2 of the 5 gardens are shown because I forgot to get photos of the others but there’s courgettes, broad beans, runner beans, green beans, onions, fennel, lettuce, chard, corn, berries, beets and some herbs, In the greenhouse there’s lots of chillies and capsicums, tomatoes and cucumber. AND LOOK AT MY PUMPKIN YOU GUYS. LOOK AT IT. IT’S GLORIOUS. NONE SHALL TOUCH IT. IT IS MINE.

My precious.

Welp, this is going badly. ;~;

Hard face is hard. Head needs to be like 5000x wider but need a bigger multiplier. And the eyes are wrong! And the jaw. And the cheeks and the rest of her face

Halp. At least dressing her up is fun.