Morgana Banana
A little home for my Sims 3 game. May include aliens, dogs, and overuse of sunsets. x
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30 Days of Sim-making

DAY 5: In the style of another simmer


morganabananasims this one goes out to you.

I don’t know how you make the eyes and chipmunk cheeks, I’m convinced you commission sliders for your own nefarious purposes

Ahaha I love this. She’s very cute! <3 x


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Cirrus is naturally gifted.

Zero interest in talking.

Goopy brown baby slop.

Marble Marzipan.

Cirrus <3

Reach for the moon! Or something.

He looks like a little frog. :3

Cirrus Gumdrop Rosey.

Being helpful.

Could be reading baby books. Plays video games instead.

Lacey finds out she has a bump buddy.

Stop rubbing your belly and pick up your newspapers.