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A little home for my Sims 3 game. May include aliens, dogs, and overuse of sunsets. x
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Beep boop. Getting there.

Anonymous ━

are you going to get back to colour drained soon? i love that story !

:D Thank you! I want to wait until I have a new computer I’m afraid. The tv I’m using as a monitor displays colours and brightness really weirdly. I don’t really know how my screenshots are turning out and I’m happy to use it for wip pics etc, but in the legacies there’s so many pictures that I’d be worried they’re all turning out super saturated or exposed or something.

If that makes sense! Hopefully have new computer in a month or so. xxx

Thank you for 3000 followers :) I laaave you very muchly

And one day I will make a followers’ gift for you


I needed to use up some of today’s harvest so made some salads. Quinoa and roast veggies, and barley & lettuce. I cooked lentils too but they turned out a bit weird.

The veggie gardens are in happy growing mode atm! Only 2 of the 5 gardens are shown because I forgot to get photos of the others but there’s courgettes, broad beans, runner beans, green beans, onions, fennel, lettuce, chard, corn, berries, beets and some herbs, In the greenhouse there’s lots of chillies and capsicums, tomatoes and cucumber. AND LOOK AT MY PUMPKIN YOU GUYS. LOOK AT IT. IT’S GLORIOUS. NONE SHALL TOUCH IT. IT IS MINE.

My precious.

Welp, this is going badly. ;~;

Hard face is hard. Head needs to be like 5000x wider but need a bigger multiplier. And the eyes are wrong! And the jaw. And the cheeks and the rest of her face

Halp. At least dressing her up is fun.

Anonymous ━

whats hiccup and astrid are they from frozen

They’re from  How To Train Your Dragon. x

Anonymous ━

None of the puppies show up in Create A Sim??

Don’t select any filters in the sim bin. x

Would anyone be able to remove the leaves and teeth from this? Package file is here. I will pay you in kisses and adoration!

Anonymous ━

why havent you made more sims yet you havent made new ones in a long time why not

Er, did you see the post about my computer breaking?

Anywhoozle, I have Jack Frost packaged and ready to upload, just need to take some pictures tomorrow. And I plan on making Hiccup & Astrid at some point too. x

I don’t know how to reply on my phone

So here, have a mass text post reply!

:’( I miss my gaaame. Dogs to make and sims to play with! I wish i had posted my legacy updates which are all sitting in my screenshots folder.

I’ve opened a uk bank account so fingers crossed I can order new computer at the end of this week sometime. Hopefully it will even let me play with big dogs without crashing!

I miss you aaall although not really BECAUSE I’M ALL UP IN YOUR BLOGS like everyday.

Fat finger typing is hard :(


Just watched How To Train Your Dragon 2

I know what sims I’m making when I get my new computer ;~;

Anonymous ━

i know you probably have been asked this before, but what slibers do you use to make your sims smaller ? ilysm <3

Cmar’s height slider at MTS; on phone so I can’t link sorry! And I use a 4x slider multiplier to extend the range which you can get with XCAS, MasterController etc.

:) xoxo

It’s started

After months of the casing on my laptop being split apart, this morning a small black patch has appeared on the screen and the whole thing intermittently flashes with lines. It won’t be long now. ;~; It’ll take 2 or 3 months at least to save for a new one. So I’m afraid when this one goes completely (which could be later tonight or any day now) I will be completely out of simming until then. I’ll be on my phone to check all your lovely blogs and reply to any messages.

Quick! To the backupmobile!

Elsa 2.0

A more complete, hopefully-more-accurate version! :)

She comes with a lot of CC; you can pick and choose how much you want or install all via her sims3pack.

Genetics + Makeup


^ I have been unable to find the page/creator of this skirt. If anyone knows it, please link me and I will update the post! x

I use MasterController to disable clothing filters for swimwear & outerwear.

Sliders: I have included the sliders used for ease and to ensure she looks as shown. All credit goes to creators. <3

Download .sim

Download .sims3pack

Download sliders

Any questions or issues, please let me know!