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Manchester Dogs Home


There was a fire tonight at Manchester Dogs Home. It’s been open over a hundred years and police have already arrested someone for arson. Over 40 dogs have died and that’s likely to rise. There’s a page to donate here:

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Can we add that it was a 15 year old who has been arrested?

The visions in my head of what it must have been like are horrific.


I’m just so in love. 



Made using this base (x)


Rasberry Spice Blossom~

She is a base sim I recolored made by morganabananasims!!!! She’s soooo adorable!!  


And the poems! And the Helah and Nettie story!

Oooh, you sweetie! Helah and Neeettieeee is way back. I need to finish their story!

Anonymous ━

Having just browsed back 15 pages of your tumblr, I just wanted to bow to you and say wow :) Loving your pixar type sims, your cute little big eyed and round headed ones, and the dragon lady from Game of Thrones was absolutely stunning.... oh and I didn't mention your puppy dogs! Bow wow indeed!

Thank you so much ;-; This has made my week. You are very kind!


Anonymous ━

Have you made a pomsky puppy yet? If you haven't, could you? They're so adorable and you're extremely talented so I was hoping you could try it if you have the time. :3

Hello, there is one here x

Night times are my favourite in this game ^_____^

Awwww :( even with the new sliders? **Hugs* Do contacts cover it up?

Even with :’( They’re not as narrow now but still not ideal. I’ve resigned myself to the eyes though; it’s the rest of her general face/head making me cry in a corner.

*Runs off to play Skyrim instead*

*rage quits*


REQ Eyelids sliders

  • All ages
  • located in Eyes—Eyelids

This basically does the same as Ahmad’s but without the iris moving.(comparison pic)


Download link for Eyelids Length

Download link for Eyelids_Width


Other Sliders

Must load game NOW



I would think so. Although I believe it might be like EA default eye sliders. I’ll look into and tell you. =)


You’re a gem!


Well here’s the tested one. IDK… It’s moving the eyebrows so that will have to be counter.

Wooo! No change to the iris, huh? Looks great. Eyebrows could easily be adjusted with eyebrow height slider though, right? xxx

I would think so. Although I believe it might be like EA default eye sliders. I’ll look into and tell you. =)

You’re a gem!

I believe the eye problem is from a slider by bloom. The eye width or height slider? The effect of those sliders also effects the eyeball.

Yup it’s the eye width one. :’( I’ve got it now to the point where my iris is lovely and round but now the eyes themselves are too long.

You know the eyelid sliders you made for dogs? Where we could have slanted eyes or round circular eyes. Is that possible for sims too?  xx

furryjackal replied to your photoset “Wondering if I can get away with pretending that ugly choker thing is…”

She’s looking fantastic. If I might suggest, though? The shape of her eyes is distorting her irises a bit more than your usual Disney girls. I don’t know if there’s much you can do about that though. Otherwise, she’s making very good progress!

I knooow! Her eyes are super round but I can’t get the irises to stay round too. And they should be even rounder than the other girls’! shanni’s been helping me but I lack skill to follow through. ;____; Going to start them over I think.